last call

Well, this will probably be my last real Internet access until I get back to school-- I brought Hans back to Broceliande yesterday and I'm supposed to head back to Terabil tomorrow, weather permitting (and believe me, I'm hoping it rains). My computer is staying packed in its box until I leave for school because my mom gives me the evil eye whenever I so much as approach the computer, and has begun to refer to the Internet as a "cesspool of filth and smut." I might possibly be able to hop online and check email if she's out running errands or whatever during the day, but don't count on it.

Anyway, as things stand now:

[+] I hate the pills and told the psych during our last (extremely banal) session that if they were still having the same side effects (nausea, emotional deadness, etc.) by Christmas I was quitting and trying something non-pharmaceutical for once.

[+] My mom seems to believe that the psych is no longer needed now that I'm on meds and presumably "taken care of," and didn't attend the session she was supposed to. So much for her willingness to change.

[+] I still don't know if they ever informed my brother, who is now at college, of the proceedings. I'm of half a mind to tell him myself. Oh well.

[+] Terabil sucks.

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