Thanks to finals week(s), my natural nocturnal tendencies, and what I suspect is the growing inefficacy of Lexapro, I've discovered that I do my best artwork between one and eight a.m.

Seriously. It's almost tomorrow already and I'm not near sleepy. Given that I went to bed at nine-thirty a.m. yesterday and slept until five p.m., that's probably not terribly surprising.

I pulled two all-nighters on one of my final projects, but it's done now and it completely kicks ass. Since I finished my art history report before then, now I have only one final to go. Unfortunately, it's the final for the teacher who told me during midterm (well, more like end-of-quarter) conferences "You're very bright, but it's not coming out in your work. Have you considered being just a writer?"

Which is a backhanded compliment, at least, since one thing most comic artists can't do is write, but STILL. I didn't just spend three years in art school to be told I should've just been an English major. Besides the fact that I'm very picky about how I want my stories drawn (which is to say by myself, dammit), the probability of breaking into the comic writing business is about equivalent to the odds of spontaneously combusting.


At any rate, I haven't been posting much (okay, AT ALL) lately, partly due to a nasty depressive episode and partly due to school and whatnot. I'm hoping to post a bit during spring break. Of course, for that to happen, I'd have to finish my damn final...

Which is IMPECCABLY written and paced, even if it's not going to have breathtakingly accurate perspective shots.

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thus saith Liadan at 5:52 AM


Blogger Jay saith at 3/13/2006 7:58 AM...  

I still think you rock my socks off -- even if mine aren't striped knee-socks. Seriously though -- you have no idea how talented you really are.

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