nude with socks

So my last assignment in my lifedrawing class was a figure rendering on toned paper (blah blah blah). Since I couldn't find a friend with the time to model for me, I ended up doing myself. And since it was indeed a figure drawing, I did have to draw myself naked. I ended up doing a side/back pose wearing black-and-white-striped knee-high socks, because if you're going to be showing off your conte-rendered ass to your entire class, you might as well do it wearing fun socks.

At class, everyone starts putting theirs up right after they walk in. Mine goes up on the wall and I sit down to see what everyone else puts up. So Cute Girl (Yvonne, for the sake of creative pseudonymity) walks in with hers, and I'm looking around at everyone else's while waiting to see what hers looks like...

Hers was an extremely well-rendered full frontal nude self-portrait.

No socks.

When class was over and I'd already put mine in the pile, I looked around to see where Yvonne was, and walked over and said (mostly to my feet but NOT ALL) "Hey, um, I just wanted to tell you that I thought your picture was gorgeous. I figured you'd probably see me steal it, though, but I thought it was really well-done..."

And she laughed, and said thanks, and reaches out to pat my hand AND I SEE THAT SHE'S REACHING OUT TO PAT MY HAND AND...

well, I bolted, really. But I was still sorta proud that I had the wherewithal to say anything at all. And it was a really good drawing, the class was agreed on that.

(Critique revealed a consensus that the best part of my picture was, yes, the socks. Not that the rest of it was bad, but that the socks were simply the coolest. I tend to agree.)

Also, she sat next to me on the floor during critiques and struck up conversation again. I'M SO CONFUSED. But HAPPY.

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thus saith Liadan at 1:13 AM


Anonymous Anonymous saith at 10/19/2005 7:12 PM...  

Yay!! *wishes you luck in romantic pursuits and such* Methinks it sounds promising ^^

- Bridget

Anonymous Jay saith at 10/19/2005 8:39 PM...  

You're confused? How do you suppose she feels, when you bolt when faced with the fact she might actually touch you. I think maybe you should suggest studying together.

Blogger JJ saith at 10/19/2005 10:37 PM...  

Yeah... naked studying!

heehee... I'm suddenly 12.

...although, as an art student, I guess naked studying could actually be a thing... maybe I should have taken art?? Oh, I'm being so bad.

Blogger Liadan saith at 10/19/2005 11:37 PM...  

Well, I've gotten friends of both sexes to model for me nude if I needed reference, so I suppose that counts as naked studying. I usually know them first, though. ^.^

Blogger JJ saith at 10/19/2005 11:51 PM...  

There has just never been a context in my life where I could legitimately ask people to be naked for me. Not that I want them to, for the most part, but... well, it's never happened. "I need help cutting out these shapes for a grade 2 art class, could you help me out? Naked?" Just wouldn't fly.

I went to an arts high school (I wasn't in the arts program, I just lived in the area), and I remember one time walking by the art room when they were doing their nudes. Normally they closed the curtains, but I guess they forgot this time. It was the first time I'd seen a naked man in person... of course, it was from 15 feet away, but it was still a bit of a shock. I also remember once bumping into one of their female models in the bathroom... she was wearing a robe, but was really cute. This was looong before I was admitting I was gay, but I remember thinking "Man, I wish I could draw!"

The point is, there is very little nakedness in my life. But maybe that's a good thing.

Blogger Christine saith at 10/27/2005 12:07 PM...  

There has just never been a context in my life where I could legitimately ask people to be naked for me.


I miss life drawing classes...

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