So I've gone through and manually moved most of the entries from my old journal to a new URL and manually changed all the names and whatnot. They're now at

I'd rather not have it linked, given that it's really just the archival extension of LitG, but if you're interested in my backstory you're welcome to peruse it. (If you know me in RL and you notice a pseudonym I missed, email me and let me know. I think I got them all, but I probably missed one or two.)

Also: For those who might get confused, my relationship with Hans ended at the beginning of last summer. We sort of mutually decided our coupledom had run its course. We are now the best of friends and personally I'm sort of happier this way.


thus saith Liadan at 2:06 AM


Blogger jen saith at 10/07/2005 8:48 PM...  

i like that you re-posted all of it in a different place. it shows that you respect your journey.

you go girl!

Blogger JJ saith at 10/07/2005 10:07 PM...  

I went through and read all of your old posts yesterday... thanks for posting them.

I was wondering if you wanted comments there? I mean, I know that they are old, but... well, some of the posts made me think.

I know anonymity is an issue, and so I was just thinking about someone linking to me (through the comment) and then from there finding your new site again. But that might be a bit extreme.

Anyway, I was just wondering

Blogger Liadan saith at 10/08/2005 12:53 AM...  

Comments are fine on Resipiscence, yep. I don't think I want the blog or its entries linked to, though.

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