Facebook rejection

A while back I went through Facebook, changed my privacy settings so my profile is only viewable to my friends, blocked my sister completely (for obvious reasons), and removed just about everyone from Eastchester except for people I actually *did* like. (This dropped me from about 15 "friends" at a particular college to 2.) One of them just tried to re-friend me. I rejected him. edit: I've since rejected three ten more attempted re-friendings and friendings from other people.

Honestly, I don't really see why you would expect to be considered my "friend" if throughout high school you probably only acknowledged my existence when forced to. Just because I graduated with you doesn't mean I have to like you.

This goes double for people I went to elementary school with. I removed one of those too. I haven't seen hide nor hair of you for a decade or so, nor did I particularly get along with you while we were in school, so why do I need to be your "friend" other than to pad your Facebook stats?


thus saith Liadan at 3:26 PM


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