Ah yes, it's that time of... life... where the bright-eyed young college graduate slowly begins to realize that despite what her parents and teachers endeavoured to convince her, in the eyes of employers everywhere, she is not a special little snowflake.

Currently my days are filled with a smattering of freelance projects, crafty pursuits (such as using up my bead stash in an effort to make shiny objects for friends), sleeping all day, sending off applications to various employers in Broceliande and Lemuria, drinking a lot of caffeine, and hanging out with Astrid commiserating about Terabil's massive amount of suckage. Not terribly productive, but enough to keep myself from feeling guilty about not being productive.

I'm considering applying for an internship at Relevant Media Group, given that I am, it seems, a "spiritually focused twentysomething." I'm not sure if I should, though, given that besides being a spiritual twentysomething I'm also a foulmouthed liberal feminist lesbian firebrand-of-sorts, and the Relevant target audience seems to be... not so much. If I recall correctly, once upon a time when they first started out and I read them regularly, their "special gay articles" could pretty much be summed up as "Poor pitiful homosexuals. Let's feel sorry for them instead of beating them with lead pipes! (P.S. God hates gay sex)."

If I was feeling snarky, I would call that "limpwristed." I also massively enjoy the assumption that the queers haven't already infiltrated their compound of evangelical hipsterdom. Trust me, Relevant kids-- "they" are "us."

So I'm sending off my new online portfolio to anyone looking for entry-level graphic design lackeys and hoping someone, somewhere, is arrested by my finesse in cover letter writing. And if anyone who reads this needs an extremely eager graphic design / illustration / making-things-pretty-in-Adobe CS2 lackey or knows someone who does, preferably somewhere in the South, let me know.

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thus saith Liadan at 9:24 PM


Blogger just me saith at 8/04/2007 11:42 AM...  

:) I like the line "Trust me, Relevant kids "they" are "us". That's so how I feel... Working and living in my evangelical world in design thinking "they" are "you".

And yeah the graphic design field is not easy to get a job in sometimes...but you can totally do it!

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